Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Peper( Papaya) Dudh Sukto

What you Need:
·         1 Papaya(250 g)
·         1 -1/2 cup milk
·         1tbsp-white mustered seed (for paste)
·         1 tbsp poppy seed (for paste)
·         2 bay leaves.
·         1 tbsp Fenugreek
·         Vadi /Bori (nuggets made of ground lentil and later dried )~ 10/15 small ones 
·         Oil-1/2 Cup
·         Salt/suger to tsate:

The Procedure:

Cut the papaya into small thin slice and boil it till soften. drain the water and keep aside.
Hit the kadai ,pour some oil and fry the  Vadi/Bodi and keep aside.
Pour 2-tbsp oil and add Fenugreek to crackle after that remove it from the oil.
Now  add bay lives  into the same oil and  add white mustered and poppy seed paste and mix well. Now add boil papaya,salt, bori  and sugar and mix it well. cook for 5 min. Now add milk and covered it with a lid and again cook for 10 min.
Serve with rice.

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